Above image by L.B. Read. From left: Associates Brian Galford, Richard Fomo, Chris Thayer, Chuck Rosina, Diane Andronica, Roberto Mighty(Principal), Brian Henderson.

We make videos in Boston. For the world.

Lights! Camera! Action! Celestial Media is an online video production company in Boston’s exciting Seaport district.  On Facebook, YouTube and social media, our videos get hundreds of thousands of views, likes and comments. All on time, on budget, with outstanding references. We offer concept-to-completion multimedia services, including strategy, scriptwriting, casting, filming and editing. 

Our Publisher, Hyperion, retained Roberto Mighty to direct the audio version of my book, “Stirring it Up: How to Make Money and Save the World.” Working with Roberto was a pleasure. He approached our three-day recording sessions with great attention to detail, a refined aesthetic sense, and the ability to direct my in-studio performance and communicate on a technical level with the studio engineers. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Roberto again.
— Gary Hirshberg, CEO, Stonyfield Farm