Spokeshot. Exclusive to Celestial Media. New, custom video promos filmed on demand in our state-of-the-art Boston studio.  Spokeshot is one-stop shopping - concept, script, on-camera host, music, filming and editing, ordered online and delivered electronically. Need a great 30-second to 2-minute online video for social media? Contact now, and let’s get started. We offer 24-hour turnaround.

Translating technical information into an enjoyable video experience for the average person is a formidable challenge. I feel that Roberto Mighty and his crew at Celestial Media have done an extraordinary job of producing of such video pieces for Zone Labs that are ideally suited for the web. It’s Roberto’s background in television production that allows him to make the final piece both eye-catching and informative. He is a master at blending biotechnology and Hollywood.
— Dr. Barry Sears, Author of "The Zone" and President, Zone Labs, Inc.

Professional Presenters: Christine, Tim, Topher, Daysha and Kathryn