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Roberto Mighty is the Creator and Writer/Producer of several prime-time ABC affiliate Specials and four weekly television Series. Following our ratings wins, Celestial Media has several exciting new programs in development for Webisode distribution.​ Perfect for Brand sponsorship.

“Food New England”, a 4-year series of prime-time Specials on food and wine, features celebrity chefs like Todd English, Ming Tsai and Lydia Shire.

“This Amazing House”, where designers analyze fabulous homes, has aired for two winning seasons on WCVB-TV Channel 5, a Top 5 market ABC affiliate station. It is now in national series development.

"Banquo's Wagon", our critically-acclaimed live action musical video for children, is now in series development as an animated series.

“PossLTR”, our reality dating show with a twist, beat “Wheel Of Fortune,” “Friends,” and “Entertainment Tonight” in its premier time slot. PossLTR is now in series development.
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Celestial Media Team Members work on this page: Videographers: Brian Galford, Brian Henderson, Christopher Mehl, Jack Sherman, Roberto Mighty; TelePrompTer Operator: Suzanne Willard. Gaffer: Guy Holt; Grip: Thomas Colston. Makeup Artists: Phoebe Ramler, Tricia Heine. Illustrator: David Sullivan; Writer/Producer/Final Cut Pro Editor and Still Photographer: Roberto Mighty